Organic, unrefined hazelnut oil

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    Hazelnut oil Cold Pressed / Unrefined .

    Oil is rich in A, B, D, E, Minerals , Proteins, Oleic Acid, Linoleic acid .

    Hazelnut has a mild scent and is the perfect base oil for creams and skin preparations. Contains oleic acid and a small proportion of linoleic acid.

    Hazelnut is a wonderful way of enjoying essential oils... used in combination, Hazelnut can enhance essential oils properties.

    We like using Hazelnut in face care products, with its immediate softening effect on the skin.

    Hazelnut does tend to suit oily skin, however use in combination with other carrier oils to obtain the benefits of the skin softening properties without drying skin.

    Ingredients (INCI ) : (  Corylus Avellana )  Cold Pressed / Unrefined

    Certified by: Ecocert

    Data sheet: download

    Valid to: 2014-03