Plum kernel oil

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    Natural, cold pressed, unrefined cosmetic oil.
    This wonderful oil is made from plun kernel.

    Oil is very rich in vitamins B, E, palmitic, oleic and linoleic acids. It is very well absorbed into the skin, softens, moisturizes it. Distributed on the skin does not leave greasy film.

    Oil suitable for dry, damaged skin, as well as mature skin, also suitable for people with problematic skin. Recommended for hair care.

    Plum kernel oil is suitable for creams, lotions, conditioners production.

    This wonderful Oil has a very mild and a little sweet odor, it is pale gold in color.

    This is a great nature gift for you!

    Ingredients (INCI ) : ( Prunus domestica ) natural, cold pressed, unrefined plum kernel oil

    Material safety data sheet: download