Description of the procurement process

  • To purchase your favorite items, follow these simple and intuitive steps:


    Step 1: Put your favorite item in your shopping cart, click "Add to Cart."


    Step 2: When you placed the items to the shopping cart and want to order them, hover your mouse over the product basket in the top right corner. At the opened of the basket window, click "Checkout." 


    Step 3: When you open the information window in a basket, box 'Discount coupon code, enter the discount coupon code or gift voucher number or your Ekogija discount card number. After completing this step, click on "Apply" button. 


    Step 4: When basket opens the info window, click "Submit". By clicking "Submit" the order will not be able to change or adjust. Order to supplement or correct you can only contact the company Ekogija administration.


    Step 5:

    1) opens the window, fill in the buyer's information. If you are a registered user, please click "Login" and enter your login information. If you are a registered user and you want it to be, press the "Enter" and "Register." In a new user registration screen you will need to fill out customer information. If you are a legal person, legal person select a card and fill out the required fields. By completing the registration form, click the Save button. Choose to buy offline, you will need to fill out customer information.
    2) Select the delivery of information.
    3) Select the delivery method.
    4) Choose a payment method.
    5) Of the Info window or view all the information provided is correct and click "Submit".


    Step 6: Pay to the order using the selected payment method .