Indian neem powder

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    Indian neem (Azadirachta indica) has long been known as the 'miraculous tree', 'house pharmacist'.

    Neem soothes itchy skin, reduces hair loss, their greasing, removes dandruff, strengthens nails (brittle, yellow), helps problematic skin. Siutable for allergic, acne and mature skin.

    At home is used as an effective protection against moths. Makes worms and other parasites disappear from organism.

    Neem powder tea: a pinch of powder in a cup of water. Not suitable for pregnant women, children should use it very carefully.

    Neem powder mask: mix the powder with warm water until a solid mass, then add a few drops of your skin or other natural herbal oil ( also olive oil) and stir. Apply product to the face, except the eye area and relax for 15 minutes. Wash the mask with warm water and dry thoroughly.

    Fair Trade product.

    INCI: Melia azadirachta.

    This is a great nature gift for you! 

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