Product return and exchange

  • Product return and exchange

    Weaknesses of goods sold is disposed of, replaced faulty goods are returned in accordance with Minister of Economy in 2001. 29 June. Order no. 217 "The return and exchange approval of the rules approved by the return and exchange rules, unless the contract can not be waived under the Ministry of laws (see details PU Consumer Center at id = 1038, "Non-food goods return and exchange features", paragraph 18.). Money for items returned in all cases shall be transferred only to the payer's bank account.

    In order to return the item (s), Buyer may do so within 14 (fourteen) working days from the time of delivery to the customer, informing the seller contacts referred to in Chapter transport means, specifying the name of the returned goods, order number and reason for return. Also, the information necessary for the buyer to send a written request signed amended or grain products, and send the same item (s). Return or exchange shall be borne by the buyer.

    Buyer returning the goods, subject to the following conditions:
    First returned item must be in original packaging well-kept;
    Second Buyer the goods must be intact;
    Third goods must be unused, without losing their look (labels intact, nenuplėštos protective film, etc.). (this does not apply if the returned defective product);
    4th returned item must be of the same designs as those received by the buyer;
    5th goods must be returned to its acquisition of the document.

    The seller has the right not to accept the buyer returned goods if the buyer fails to comply with established procedures for returning the goods.
    Return received the wrong product and / or poor quality goods, the seller undertakes to withdraw the following items and replace them with their counterparts in appropriate goods.
    In the event that Seller has no suitable replacement goods, the Buyer shall be reimbursed for the amount, excluding the price for delivery.
    Quality cosmetics and hygiene products does not change can not be returned.